Our Philosophy

The Elora Co-operative Pre-school utilizes the “learning through play” theory of educational programming. Play is extremely important in these developing pre-school years, as it serves as the basic tool of learning. Play is a complex business and serves as the heart of our program through exposure to a wide range of materials and experiences. Each child selects their activities and interacts with the materials at their own level. There is story time, songs and games at circle time. Activity centres include a science table, sensory bins, puzzles, play-doh and crafts.

Large muscle development is facilitated through activities such as the indoor/outdoor climbing apparatuses, the parachute games, and riding toys.

Our Goals

  • To create a warm and happy atmosphere where your child can build a positive self-concept
  • To encourage your child’s independence and self-responsibility
  • To allow your child to develop new relationships with peers and adults
  • To encourage your child’s whole physical development, to expand his/her intellect, to further develop language skills and to promote your child’s inquisitive nature and enjoyment of learning.


Our Mission

Our mission is to create a co-operative atmosphere wherein parents and qualified teachers work together to maintain a loving, creative, safe, clean and stimulating environment to assist all children, regardless of race, culture or special needs. Our goal is to help these children build a positive self-concept through encouraging their physical, intellectual, cognitive, social and emotional growth. It is also our mission support the families of these children in whatever way possible.