Class Definitions


  • Ages 18 months to 30 months (15 toddlers in the class)
  • All classes will have three teachers
  • Both classroom helper and non-classroom helper option available for parents

The Toddler program is carried out in the Big Room on Monday mornings. The children are free to play, discover, make friends, and in many cases, learn to be without a parent for a short period of time.

Morning Program

  • Ages 2 – 4 (16 children per class, limited spots)
  • All classes will have two teacher
  • Both classroom helper and non-classroom helper option available

Morning program classes are offered 2 mornings a week, Tuesday and Thursday. You may register for any number of classes which best suit the needs of you and your child(ren). The following daily schedule is followed consistently:

  • Students enjoy playtime in the Big Room where the emphasis is on gross motor skills (large muscle development), imaginative play, music and social time.
  • Children are responsible for helping tidy up. Children gather at circle time for songs, stories and games.
  • Activity centers are offered in the Creative Room including sensory, art, science and cognitive/manipulative play with an emphasis on developing a child’s fine motor skills.
  • Children gather, seated with the teacher, for snack time (provided by the pre-school in all classes). Snack offers a lovely social interactive time where children are encouraged to practice manners, speaking in turn, and listening to others.
  • Playground time is offered daily, weather permitting.

Afternoon Program

  • Ages 2 – 4 (16 children per class)
  • All classes will have two teachers
  • Both classroom helper and non-classroom helper option available

Afternoon Program classes are offered Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. You may register in a single class or in any combination of classes that best suit you and your child. The Afternoon Program follows a daily schedule similar to the Morning Program (see above) but offers more advanced, structured programming.

These classes strongly support enhancing the children’s skills to be independent.  Building on these independent skills the children are given the ability to be capable and competent individuals. Programming remains flexible to accommodate the individual needs of the children enrolled.

Full Day Program

  • Ages 2.5 – 5 (16 children per class)
  • All classes will have two teachers
  • Both classroom helper and non-classroom helper option is available

Our full day program is designed and geared toward those children that are approaching the kindergarten age. The program’s schedule will combine our morning and afternoon programs, include snack time, outdoor activity time a minimum of twice a day(weather permitting), and a nutritious lunch will be provided.

Classroom Helper Option

Caregivers who choose this option will be scheduled to act as a Classroom Helper a maximum of once per month per class (less if greater than four caregivers have chosen this option). Classroom Helpers actively supervise and participate in all classroom activities, including craft, washroom and cleanup. If this option is chosen for a full day class, it’ll be required to help for half of one class per month.

Caregivers who chose this option may select it for one or all of the classes their student is enrolled in. For each class that caregivers chose to become Classroom Helpers, a discount of $15 per month applies. Please fill out the extra forms necessary for this option. Available on the website or speak to a teacher or membership chair person.

We allow currently registered students and their sibling(s) to “drop-in” on classes when there is space available. The purpose of this program is to allow parents the option of quality childcare on short notice to accommodate things such as doctor/hair appointments which you may not choose to bring your child along to. Besides – what child wouldn’t want to spend more time with Miss Debbie???