Drop In

drop-inWe allow currently registered students and their sibling(s) to “drop-in” on classes when there is space available. The purpose of this program is to allow parents the option of quality childcare on short notice to accommodate things such as doctor/hair appointments which you may not choose to bring your child along to. Besides – what child wouldn’t want to spend more time with Miss Debbie???

How it Works:

Please speak with a teacher if you are interested in a drop-in class for your child and/or their sibling(s). Please note: 24 hours notice is required. Drop-in allotments are made on a first come/first served basis. This will be especially important once a class is near capacity.

Parents must fill in a drop-in form, which are available on the bulletin board at the bottom of the stairs at the entrance to the school. This form is to be given to one of our teachers, once completed.


A cheque, payable to the pre-school, is due when you drop your child(ren) off for a drop-in session. The cost of a drop-in session is $20.00 per child.

Any child attending a drop-in class, whether a sibling or a past student in JK, must have a registration package filled out and have paid the $40.00 family registration fee for the year.



*The Preschool’s Board of Directors has the right to limit the number of drop in classes.