Our History

Welcome to the Elora Co-operative Pre-school! The Pre-school was developed in 1974 by a group of parents who were interested in a positive group experience for their pre-school-aged children. They, together with an Early Childhood Educator and the Ministry of Community and Social Services, set up the policies and by-laws, acquired furnishings and secured accommodations in the Elora United Church, and the Elora Co-operative Pre-school was born.

Since that time, the pre-school has expanded its programs, facilities and equipment. With the hard work and co-operation of many families, the pre-school has become better and better. The key word in our name is co-operative. We are a pre-school where everyone works together to make our program successful. In the triangle of children, parents and teachers, we all have an important role to play.
With so many families involved in our program, each having different ideas and interests, communication is essential. At any time in the year if you have any concerns, suggestions or questions, please bring them to the teachers or any member of the Board of Directors.