What are the benefits of a COOP ?

There is no doubt about it, parenting is a tough job. One of the best ways to handle the pressure is to surround yourself with parents who understand and support you. The same can be said for your pre-schooler. They need to be around other children to learn the value of sharing, and playing with their peers.

One of the best aspects of this environment is the friendship created between both students and parents. During the year, social networks are created to support one another and the co-operative spirit grows as families help one another.

The co-operative experience allows parents to see their child blossom in the pre-school setting. Parents can see how their child interacts with peers and other adults. Field trips and special events are open to all parents/care-givers and our students’ siblings. Our calendar is full of specialĀ  events and activities that involve the entire school.

Pre-school can also be a safe start in the transition to “big school.” In the pre-school age group, separation anxiety can be as difficult for the parents as it is for the child. We hope to ease this situation. Because the environment of a co-operative pre-school is about family, you are always welcome to remain at school with your child if they are feeling anxious.