Welcome to the website for the Elora Cooperative Preschool!

We are a small school with a proud history in the picturesque community of Elora, Ontario. In 2014, we began our 40th year of childhood development. We are now teaching the children of our past students. Whether you are new to our community, or have been here awhile, we welcome you to learn more about who we are and why we love what we do. We welcome all children in our community.

Our School

If you’re looking for a safe and fun place where your preschooler can learn and grow, then the Elora Co-operative Pre-school is ready for your family. We have a proud tradition of offering fun and educational programming for children ranging in age from 18 months to five years, and creating a family environment that fosters a co-operative spirit in the development of all children.

Our Classes include:

  • Toddler Program: 18 months to 30 months of age
  • Morning Program: 24 months to 4 years of age
  • Afternoon Program: 24 months to 4 years of age
  • Full Day Program: 24 months to 5 years of age

All programs are geared to the specific development and learning needs of these age categories, structured through play and incorporating real learning in a nurturing spirit.

We invite you to visit us for your special pre-schooler at the Elora Co-operative Pre-school. We’ll have a year of fun, friendships, and learning, too!  To register your pre-schooler, or for more information, contact us at 519-846-5092 or email our membership team.

The Top 10 Reasons Your Child Should Attend The Elora Cooperative Preschool

1. The school has a long standing reputation of delivering quality child care to the community because of the amazing teaching staff. Miss DebbieMiss Nancy, Miss Lesley and Miss Marion are the heart and soul of our school.

2. The school offers a great facility with a large variety of stimulating play materials and a beautiful large inspected outdoor play space.

3. We are located right in the centre of the village making walkabout in the community easy. The school has worked in partnership with other community organizations such as Bungalow 55, KIPP and Centre for the Arts.

4. The preschool is its own little community too. The school has long been a place where parents can come together and meet one another and find friendships. The kids can make friendships that have been known to last throughout their lives.

5. The school program offers limitless opportunities for preschoolers to experience stimulating and fun play activities within a safe and loving environment.

6. We welcome all children and their families. Regardless of their special requirements or special needs. The preschool works closely with other professionals in the community to make sure that all of our children’s needs are being met.

7. The school provides the chance for parents to see their children interacting with other children and give them the opportunity to have a say in their child’s education.

8. We are an award winning school with rates that are reasonable and affordable. Parents are able to build their skills working on various committees within the Cooperative structure.

9. The children learn skills that they will need as they enter kindergarten. Our emergent curriculum lays the groundwork for our students to have a smoother transition to kindergarten.

10. The kids have fun! Most families end up adding additional days for their children to attend preschool because they love it so much!

More Information

Please see our class descriptions and fee scheduleRegistration for 2018/2019 is open! Fill out your registration form here.

If you require more information, please email our membership team at membership@elorapreschool.ca